Plum Suicide

Fuckin really? I’m jn bed at 3pm crying about how my dad abandoned me 19 years ago Atleast even if he was attacking me and harassing me and comin up with crazy things like I’m stealing money for drugs (never even taken an extra 5cent candy before let alone steal money for drugs) but this year he didn’t even acknowledge my existence on my birthday

I feel like every time a guy let’s me down I led him to do it cause it’s what I expect It’s the only thing my dad’s ever done Empty promises and abandonment

When people bail I just tell them i get it My dad abandoned me My brother eventually abandoned me although I’ll always be here for him My moms abandoned me now that she has a man in her life

It’s really always been just me holding me up, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how I’ll die. Holding my own hands in my final moments letting myself know it’ll be okay

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How surprising I’ve been stood up / ditched. This never happens

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i don’t care about your stupid boners
shut up

And I don’t wanna see your shrinky dink

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